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How has the seminar benefited you and your marriage?

Catholic | Non-Catholic
  • Amazing! Brought awareness of issues. Platform for reconciliation. Meeting other wonderful couples. Saved our marriage from a slow death. Thank you very much!
  • We shared deeply and honestly with each other. We reaffirmed our commitment to each other. I/we learned strategies to help our marriage. I/we learned theology — that is how God is part of marriage and sexuality. We are closer and more connected because of this course
  • It has given us time to ourselves to reflect on our feelings and needs from each other and affirmed our commitment we both have made to our loving relationship
  • Rekindled our marriage. Made me appreciate the emotional feelings of my spouse. Made me think about our unity as a couple in an environment that stimulated conversation and truth. I came to terms with some of my weaknesses and found solutions to many of my marital concerns
  • We have done both Marriage Encounter and Retrouvaille however this weekend has given us a truly new aspect of our coupleness. We have drawn closer together with new insights into each other and previous issues
  • Given us a renewing and extra tools to grow together