2007 Testimonials


How has the seminar benefited you and your marriage?  rings

Catholic | Non-Catholic
  • It has helped to give us the right spiritual and intellectual environment to decide on how we can resolve certain things in our marriage
  • Insight into resolving different aspects of our relationship
  • Yes, especially learning about the verbal/emotional intimacy which we didn’t specifically know about.
  • We will grow closer in intimacy especially learning about verbal intimacy.
  • It has helped confront some issues of hurt and communication in the sexuality of our marriage – painful but essential.
  • My eyes have been opened to what in me needs healing; how my unhealed history hurts my marriage; how I specifically fail to love my husband as he needs to be loved; how I can practically change this with the grace of God.
  • It has rekindled hope where I thought there was none, and helped me to see how I shattered my love for my husband with the burden of self shame.
  • Yes – very helpful in helping me tackle issues we had been treading around, reconcile and ‘rekindled the fire’.
  • Very helpful, however many years one is married, to recapture treasured moments and bring to life dormant areas.
  • It has helped us resolve 2 problems which weighed on us – for this we are very grateful.
  • We resolved two issues: attitudes to step children and ways of praying together.
  • Helped us enormously. Helped us to understand one another – to recommit to one another and many other ways. To give us hope for the future.
  • It has been a great help to learn what the church has to offer in her many treasures. Also, to receive these teaching in a well balanced way with Religious teaching and practical ways to help live out these gifts.
  • It has been very emotional and uplifting. It has made us closer physically and emotionally.
  • The seminar has been very useful. It has helped to reconcile deeply with my wife and renew our sexual life.
  • Reconnect with my wife.
  • Improve understandings of what is important to each other (goals and frustrations to avoid) by bringing up subjects which are either considered too difficult which require some prompting.
  • Has helped us to understand each other better and reconnect. Also, equipped us with real ways of making permanent, positive change for the future.
  • It has shown me how important my marriage is to myself, my wife, God and the church. It has reminded me of the things that are important in a marriage.
  • Yes, I feel that it has allowed me to see areas of neglect and shown me some simple steps to rectify them. Hooray!



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