Seminar Topics

CelebrateLove progresses sequentially through a number of topics:


  • Understanding Sexuality celebrates the differences between men and women and looks at how passion can energise and give life to your relationship. This session establishes an understanding of human sexuality and seeks to develop your intimacy expectations. Drawing on the scriptures, it explores God's ambition for your intimacy and your marriage relationship.
  • Attitudes and Expectations reviews how your attitudes to marriage and intimacy have been formed by your family and life experiences. It looks in depth at how your 'family of origin' has influenced your understanding of who you are (as man or woman) and your expectations as husband or wife.
  • Barriers to Intimacy aims to deepen your marital intimacy, both emotionally and physically. It explores how men and women approach intimacy differently, examines the barriers to trusting more deeply, and looks at how you can expand your love. This session tackles the important issues of 'roles and responsibilities' and 'power and control'. Guided reflection is followed by an invitation to reconciliation and healing.
  • Dinner on Saturday evening allows you to relax and enjoy the fruits of the day's work and to get to know the other participants.
  • Sexual Intimacy discusses how you can enter into the fullness of joy intended by God for your love making. This session, with sensitivity and discretion, looks at your physical intimacy, exploring some of the difficulties most commonly experienced by couples.
  • Spirituality of Marriage examines the spiritual dimension of your relationship as a man and woman in love. Drawing on the insights of the Theology of the Body (John Paul II), this session explores the sacred nature of your marital intimacy and gives practical, achievable ways to grow closer together and so make the experience part of an ongoing renewal of your relationship.
  • The Power of Married Love looks at how your relationship of intimacy enriches others and examines the role of your marriage as a vocation in the Church. It examines simple ways in which you can affirm and influence those you interact with, especially your children, friends and family. This session explores the possibilities for you to make a difference to your world.

Each session builds on previous ones, so you should choose a date when you can attend the entire CelebrateLove program.

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