Seminar Format

CelebrateLove: A 2-day seminar for married couples exploring intimacy and spirituality in the Catholic context.

Composed of workshops and reflective exercises, the seminar is designed to lead couples into deeper intimacy and a greater appreciation of their masculine and feminine uniqueness. Couples identify individual needs for intimacy and emotional support, freeing them to trust more fully and rekindle the passion and joy of being 'in love'.

The program is facilitated by married couples and explores the practical and spiritual significance of marital intimacy. Presentations are followed by self-directed questionnaires and discussion so that husband and wife can explore the topics together in complete privacy. There is no group discussion or counselling.

CelebrateLove is suitable for married couples of all ages. The seminar is presented in the context of the Catholic faith, however participants of all faiths and practices are most welcome.

CelebrateLove is practical in orientation, looking not only to provide education and information, but to facilitate the application of the material to a couple's life. Generally, each session includes:
  • Input on the topic with illustrations from the life experiences of the presenting couple.
  • Prayer & scripture is used at various times in various styles. When possible, Reconciliation and Mass are offered on Saturday evening.
  • Reflection questions and inventory-style exercises to assist participants to review their own attitudes, behaviour and experiences in relation to the topic.
  • Sharing time allows each couple to develop an understanding of each other and themselves by sharing their insights and feelings on the topic with their spouse. There is no group sharing.